Download Walk This Burden Down (mp3-320)

High res ALAC version of Walk This Burden Down here.


Download Drive (mp3-320)

High res ALAC version of Drive here.


Download Friends of Mine (mp3-320)

High res ALAC version of Friends of Mine here.


Download 15 Minutes (mp3-320)

High res ALAC version of 15 Minutes here.



"Secret Career 87-93" released 8/1/17.

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Videos:  Walk This Burden Down, Mama Just Wants to Barrelhouse All Night Long, The Way We Love, On 78 East


Songs:  The Way We Love, One Two Three, This Train


Images:  to the People/Places Gallery


Lyrics/Credits:  Secret Career 87-93


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Welcome to my little audio den.  We're just getting started.  I will be adding more images, lyrics, info, tablature, and songs (including unreleased tracks) in the coming weeks; so please check back often.  I'll feature a free download now and then as well.

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